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Streamlined MODELING



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More Info

About the Streamlined Modeling Team

Jill Nicola is an independent software consultant in Houston, Texas. She has worked in object-oriented software for over fifteen years as a programmer, mentor, object modeler and object architect. Jill has object modeled commercial applications, applied object techniques in multi-disciplinary development efforts, and developed commercial training courses for object modeling, Smalltalk, and Java. Jill especially enjoys mentoring developers in object think and object modeling.

Jill co-authored the book, Object-Oriented Programming with Peter Coad, and has authored several white papers on object modeling. Jill obtained a BS in Computer Science from the University of Virginia, and a MA for Cognitive Science studies from the University of California, Irvine.

Mark Mayfield is a Lead IT Analyst at USAA in San Antonio, Texas. He has analyzed, designed, and developed object-oriented systems for over 20 years. Mark is a leading authority on object modeling patterns, and has spent years training and mentoring others in object modeling techniques. Over the years, Mark has created hundreds of object models for commercial applications including insurance, finance, aerospace, document management, e-commerce, e-procurement, logistics, project scheduling, internet games, and online portals.

Mark has co-authored two books with Peter Coad: Object Models: Strategies, Patterns, & Applications, and Java Design: Building Better Apps & Applets. He attended the University of Connecticut where he received a BSE from the School of Computer Science and Engineering.

Mike Abney is a Senior Java Developer at Retek in Houston, Texas. He has developed commercial software in many domains including financial and collections systems, document management, Web-based entertainment, e-commerce, schedule management, and wireless communications. Mike has been a code writer, client-facing analyst, user interface designer, software architecture designer, and a team manager. He has applied his dual interests in architecture and software to achieving new insights in software system design.

Mike authored a technical article "Object Pooling in NAS: An Architecture for Caching Objects" which was included in the Netscape DevEdge Web Developer's Library, and he has written several white papers on software development techniques. He has contributed to the Java Programmer's FAQ. Mike studied both engineering and architecture at Texas A&M University, obtaining a BS in Computer Science and a minor in Environmental Design.

Other Sources of Information

One source of information is rarely enough. The following is a list of places on the Internet that provide further information about topics related to Streamlined Modeling.


·         Environment Download

o          java.sun.com/products

·         Web Sites

o          java.sun.com

o          www.javalobby.org

o          www.softwaredev.earthweb.com/java (Gamelan)

o          www.javareport.com

o          www.sys-con.com/java (Java Developer's Journal)

o          www.javaworld.com

·         Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

o          xcf.berkeley.edu/lists.html (Original Advanced-Java mailing list)

o          discuss.develop.com/advanced-java.html (New, moderated Advanced-Java mailing list)

o          news:comp.lang.java.programmer


·         Environment Download

o          www.squeak.org/download/index.html

·         Web Sites

o          www.squeak.org

o          www.squeakfoundation.org

·         Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

o          lists.squeakfoundation.org/listinfo/squeak-dev

o          news:comp.lang.smalltalk (General newsgroup for Smalltalk)


·         Web Sites

o          www.joopmag.com (JOOP)

o          hillside.net/patterns/books (Books about Patterns)

o          www.omg.org (Object Management Group)

·         Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

o          news:comp.object

General Programming & Technology

·         Web Sites

o          www.sdmagazine.com (Software Development magazine)

o          www.ddj.com (Dr. Dobb's Journal)

o          www.byte.com

o          www.infoworld.com

o          www.itworld.com

o          www.slashdot.com

o          www.acm.org

o          computer.org/computer (IEEE Computer Magazine)

o          computer.org/internet (IEEE Internet Computing Magazine)

Development Tools

·         Web Sites

o          www.togethersoft.com

o          www.excelsoftware.com

o          www.rational.com/index.jsp

o          www-4.ibm.com/software/ad/vajava (IBM VisualAge for Java)

o          www.borland.com/jbuilder/

o          www.netbeans.org/ (Java IDE)

o          msdn.microsoft.com/default.asp (Microsoft Developer Network)


·         Web Sites

o          www.thinkgeek.com

o          www.fatbrain.com


© 2001-2003 by Jill Nicola, Mark Mayfield, and Mike Abney